Walt Disney World Raises Ticket Prices Effective Today

by All Things Mouse Staff on August 5, 2010
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It’s official – Walt Disney World has raised its ticket prices for theme park admission to the four on-property parks as of today, Thursday, August 5, 2010.

The increase is not unexpected by most. Disney has been raising these prices in the first part of August for the last several years. Still, some thought that given the recent economy in the United States and the fact that Disney is having to resort to discounts to keep its resorts full, perhaps the theme park giant would forego an increase this year.

That is not the case, however. Disney raised park entry anywhere from 2.3% up to 7.8% depending on the number of days purchased. For example, a one-day base ticket (which allows entry into only one park) went from $79 to $82 – a $3 increase which equates to a 3.8% increase.

The complete list of the old prices compared to the new prices is shown below:

2010 Walt Disney World Ticket Prices

  Old Price New Price % Change New Cost Per Day
1-Day Ticket $79 $82 +3.8% $82
2-Day Ticket $156 $162 +3.8% $81
3-Day Ticket $219 $224 +2.3% $74.67
4-Day Ticket $225 $232 +3.1% $58
5-Day Ticket $228 $237 +3.9% $47.40
6-Day Ticket $231 $242 +4.8% $40.33
7-Day Ticket $234 $247 +5.6% $35.29
8-Day Ticket $237 $252 +6.3% $31.50
9-Day Ticket $240 $257 +7.1% $28.56
10-Day Ticket $243 $262 +7.8% $26.20

As the chart shows, the biggest increases actually occurred for those ticket purchases with the most amount of days on them. This is a slight departure from normal Disney operations which usually tend to favor those who opt to make their trips longer at the world. Still, when one compares the cost per day the longer stays really highlight the value that can be had at Disney.

While a one day base ticket would cost you $82 for that day of fun, those purchasing the 10-day base ticket for $262 can get ten days of fun for only $26.20 per day. This is only a third of the price when compared to one day. Of course, extended stays also incur the costs of lodging for those additional nights.

Disney also raised the prices on its other ticket options. The Park Hopper choice which allows entry into multiple parks the same day went from $52 to $54. This is a flat fee that is added to the cost of your ticket purchase no matter how many days. Thus, the park hopper option for a 3-day ticket is $54 and a park hopper option for a 10-day ticket is also $54.

Water Parks, Fun and More option also went up to $54 from $52. Those buying this option get anywhere from 2-10 entries into some of Disney’s other resort offerings including the water parks Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach as well as DisneyQuest.

Annual pass options also went up. The premium annual pass which includes water park admission went from $619 to $629 – a 1.6% jump. Regular non-resident goes from $489 to $499.

Disney evidently was experiencing some issues with their on-line ticketing system. A visit to the site in the middle of the day yielded a page displaying the following:

Welcome to the Virtual Waiting Room!

The event you have requested is experiencing very high demand. As a result, all requests for seats cannot be served simultaneously. Please be patient, and your browser will be refreshed in

When we refresh your browser, we will determine your status in the waiting room and if appropriate give you an opportunity to request seats.

During high demand periods such as now, the ticketing system must fulfill requests from multiple sales channels (e.g., boxoffice, call centers, outlets, IVR, Kiosks) as well as the Internet. This spike in traffic means that all consumers must be patient and wait for their opportunity to purchase tickets.

Thank you!


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