Walt Disney World Offering Other Specials Besides Free Dining

by All Things Mouse Staff on August 23, 2010
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With all the emphasis on the Free Dining Special from Walt Disney World (which is extended well into next year), it might be of interest to many that Disney is also offering a couple of other specials.

While these specials are nothing new, it should be noted that at times, some may want to consider them instead of the free dining.  This is not to say that free dining is not an extraordinary discount for many, it is just a fact that at times, the special is not available, or is not the best deal available for certain situations.

The first special Disney is offering in addition to free dining is a room only discount.  This special would apply to those who are not booking a package, but instead are just reserving a room at one of the many Disney resort hotels.

Discounts start at 25% off for select Value Resort stays and goes up to as much as 40% off for the Disney Deluxe Villa options.  In between options include 30% off for moderate resorts and 25%-40% off for Disney deluxe resorts.  The special may be applied to many stays between October of 2010 and February of 2011.  Reservations must be made by November 21, 2010.

The other special Disney is currently offering is a package special involving a room reservation at a Disney resort hotel and park tickets.  Included with this special is a free Disney Gift Card with a value of up to $500 to those who book.

Minimum requirements for the stated special involve a 5-night stay with 5-day park entry.  Those booking that qualified package at a value resort will get a gift card worth $200 to use at their discretion.

Moderate resort qualifying packages receive a $300 gift card with Deluxe resorts or Deluxe Villa resorts getting a $500 gift card.

The special is applicable to many stays between October 3 and November 23, 2010 or between November 27 and December 25, 2010 or between January 1 and February 16, 2011.

For more information on these specials, contact Disney or your travel agent.

Walt Disney World Official 2015 Birnbaum's Guidebook

Walt Disney World Official 2015 Birnbaum’s Guidebook

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