Walt Disney World Marathon Runners Experience Cold Temperatures

by All Things Mouse Staff on January 9, 2010
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With the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend officially underway, it is disappointing to see the low temperatures that the runners are being forced to experience thanks to Mother Nature.

The half marathon was run this (Saturday) morning and the full marathon is planned for tomorrow (Sunday) morning.  Disney expects temperatures during both early morning races to be in the 30’s, with a high in the 50’s each day. In fact, snow flurries are not out of the question for the area.

In order to combat the cold and insure the best experience for the runners, Disney is urging participants to dress appropriately.  They recommend several layers of clothing that can be shed along the route if needed.  Blankets are also being provided at the finish line for those that might need one.

Runners concerned with losing their clothes that they shed while running can be comforted some in the knowledge that all recovered clothing will be donated to charity.

The half marathon started at 5:40 AM this morning with runners starting at the Magic Kingdom and finishing up at Epcot.  The full marathon tomorrow also starts at 5:40 AM and gives runners the opportunity to run through all four Disney World theme parks (Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom) during their 26.2 mile journey.

Of course, all Disney guests are having to combat the cold during their visit this week.  Layers are an excellent approach for the park patrons as well.  As the temperature climbs, consider renting a locker to stash your sweaters, gloves, etc. until you need them again later in the day.  Cooler days can be excellent opportunities for willing individuals as the parks tend to be less crowded making the ride-lines much shorter.

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Walt Disney World Official 2015 Birnbaum’s Guidebook

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