Two Classic Attractions Return to Disneyland

by All Things Mouse Staff on December 26, 2009

That is right, for those die-hard purists that long for Disneyland of yesterday, the Mouse is granting you a portion of that wish.  Two popular and loved attractions are making a return to the original Disney theme park, Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln and Captain EO.

Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln

Great Moments With Mr. Lincoln can trace its roots directly back to Walt Disney himself.  Along with his imagineers, Disney created the original attraction which opened at the New York World’s Fair on April 22, 1964.

It featured a level of technology not yet seen by man, a fully animated human figure, dubbed an audio-animatronic, of Abraham Lincoln.  Disney, a self-professed lover of Lincoln, took great strides to insure as life-like a presentation of the 16th President of the United States as he could.  With narration consisting of bits of Lincoln’s speeches and writings, the show took the audience back to the mid-1800’s and delved into the myth of Lincoln.

Great Moments has seen several incarnations over the years since it was added to Disneyland’s line-up a year after appearing at the World’s Fair.  However, it went dark in 2005 and was replaced by shows honoring the 50 years of Disneyland, one of which was hosted by Steve Martin.  The classic Lincoln returned, enhanced to today’s technological levels, on December 18, 2009.

Captain EO

With the recent passing of pop icon Michael Jackson, an almost immediate cry went out by fans of his and Disneyland patrons to bring back the 3-d attraction Captain EO.  It featured Jackson in a futuristic musical sci-fi role and ran at Disneyland from 1986-1997.

Directed by famed director Francis Ford Coppola and produced by sci-fi great George Lucas, the short also starred Anjelica Huston.

Disney announced the classic EO would return for a limited time in February of 2010 and would reside where the attraction Honey, I Shrunk the Audience currently is.

For a rewind to the past, take a trip to Disneyland and catch these classics.  If you want a refresher of what to expect, check out the videos below:

Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln Excerpts (Thanks to malibucreek for providing the video)

Captain EO original commercial (Thanks to fabulousreggs for providing the video)

Walt Disney World Official 2015 Birnbaum's Guidebook

Walt Disney World Official 2015 Birnbaum’s Guidebook

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