The Great Piggy Bank Adventure

by All Things Mouse Staff on January 23, 2010
Walt Disney World

Saving money and vacationing don’t always seem like they would go hand in hand, but that is just what is happening at The Great Piggy Bank Adventure at Epcot in Walt Disney World.  This Innoventions exhibit sponsored by T. Rowe Price helps families learn the basics of saving and investing.  Participants use a cute pink plastic Personal Investment Guide (otherwise known as a P.I.G.) to track their progress through the interactive exhibit.

The variety of games offer a fun and entertaining way for kids to learn important financial planning concepts without realizing they’re being educated and offer an opportunity to open up a dialogue with their parents about what they’ve learned. 

Check out a video of the grand opening, which explains the exhibit in more detail, (thanks to Attractions Magazine).


“Among the most fundamental lessons of the current financial environment are the importance of saving and getting back to basics,” said Edward C. Bernard, vice chairman of T. Rowe Price Group. “T. Rowe Price has a long history of educating investors and helping them reach their financial goals. Through this unique collaboration, we’re excited to bring core financial principles to life in an immersive and interactive way that goes beyond mere education. The Great Piggy Bank AdventureSM will give parents greater confidence to discuss these personal finance concepts with their children.”

When this new exhibit opened last year, it was a perfect fit at Innoventions, where Disney challenges you to “imagine, invent, inquire and inspire” with other exhibits including fire safety, Segways, storm safety, robots, and preserving our environment.

If a Disney World trip isn’t in your near future, but you wish that you, too could play with a P.I.G.,  your next best option is to play The Great Piggy Bank Adventure online board game from the comfort of your own home at .

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Walt Disney World Official 2015 Birnbaum’s Guidebook

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