Suspicious Device on Disney Bus Update

by All Things Mouse Staff on September 22, 2009
Walt Disney World

For those who have not heard, the suspicious object that was found under a Disney World Transportation Bus a few days ago was actually a wireless tire pressure monitoring device installed in 1998.  The monitor was a prototype instrument that was installed on just one bus more than a decade ago.

Tire pressure is not only a safety consideration, it can also significantly affect fuel mileage.  With the thousands of miles the Disney buses travel daily, it is not hard to imagine the company would be interested in ways to control this cost.

It is also not hard to imagine that a device that was installed on only one bus years ago could create such havoc when discovered.  More than likely, few (if any) transportation employees who were privy to the device’s installation in 1998 would still be working in a job where they would be on hand at the time of the discovery to explain its purpose.

Even if someone who knew about the device during its installation were on hand, would they even recollect an obscure memory of one small piece of equipment installed on one bus years ago.  It is doubtful.

One thing is certain, Disney and the Sheriff’s Office took no chances and pulled the entire fleet from use for a few hours to inspect each one individually to insure they did not harbor the suspicious device.  Kudos must go to those in charge.  More than likely the whole situation caused some inconveniences to Disney Guests, but better safe than sorry!

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