Mobile Magic Coming Soon To A Verizon Phone Near You

by All Things Mouse Staff on October 27, 2009
Walt Disney World

While not officially available yet, Disney has announced that a new application from Verizon will allow park guests at Disney World and Disneyland to find out some very timely information.  Called ‘Mobile Magic,’ the app is designed to give real-time information on ride wait times, fastpass availability and much more.

Once launched, the service will be available for download on select Verizon phones, with a cost yet to be determined.  Subscribers will then have access to specific features available only to them.Some samples of the usable utilities include real-time ride wait times information.  This will be updated just like the boards at the front of the theme parks and will tell you how long the stand-by time is for a ride, say for example Toy Story Mania.  This way you will know if you want to head in that direction, or perhaps pick another ride that you can get on faster.

Another handy feature is the fastpass availability option.  When checked, it will tell you if fastpasses are available for a ride, and if so, what the return time is for those fastpasses.  This can save you the hassle of running through the park, only to find out that all the fastpasses are gone for the day.

Restaurants and character greetings are not to be left out with Verizon/Disney partnership.  Interested in a particular character or a specific restaurant, just call them or it up on the app, and a map will show you they easiest way to get there from where you are.  Yep, you guessed it, the Mobile Magic is GPS dependant.

This brings up another good point.  Since the app is GPS dependant, it knows if you are in the park or not.  All of the above detailed information is only available once you are in the turnstiles.  If you are out of the park, a dumbed-down version is given to you without specific times, just generalities such as “high demand wait times.”

For more information, see the official Disney blog on the subject.

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Walt Disney World Official 2015 Birnbaum’s Guidebook

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