Magic Kingdom’s Peter Pan’s Flight

by All Things Mouse Staff on February 10, 2010
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As with many of the Magic Kingdom rides in Walt Disney World, Peter Pan’s Flight is based on a similar ride which was already located in Disneyland.  (Of interest, however, is the fact that the Disneyland version opened with the park in 1955.)

The Walt Disney World Peter Pan’s Flight also opened with the park, but of course, since it is Disney World, this means 1971. All of the incarnations are based on the popular Walt Disney movie Peter Pan and includes the characters, music and scenery of that feature.

After standing in line (it is quite popular, so consider the FastPass option), guests board a flying pirate ship. From there they are taken through numerous Peter Pan scenes including the  family’s bedroom and multiple locations of Never Land. A favorite among many is the scene of London at night, as seen from the sky.

It is not long before riders encounter Captain Hook on his pirate ship.  Together with his crew, they have taken the Darling family hostage, but not to worry, Peter Pan is there to fight it out with the Captain.

All in all, it is a very enjoyable 2-minute dark ride that will please both kids and adults.  2-3 can ride per ship, so plan your families out accordingly to be able to monitor the little ones.

Unfortunately, as it is a dark ride, the video shown above (provided by camrydriver) is also dark, making it hard to pick out the different scenes.  Still, the beginning shows what your pirate ship may look like and the audio gives you an idea of the ride.

Walt Disney World Official 2015 Birnbaum's Guidebook

Walt Disney World Official 2015 Birnbaum’s Guidebook

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