Magic Kingdom’s Dumbo The Flying Elephant Review and Video

by All Things Mouse Staff on February 21, 2010
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Truly one of the best kiddie rides in the Magic Kingdom of Walt Disney World is Dumbo The Flying Elephant. Based on an original Disneyland attraction, the Disney World version opened with the park in 1971.

Anyone who has seen the Walt Disney movie Dumbo from 1941 knows the story of how a small elephant (with big ears) ends up being able to fly.  Through the help of his friend, Timothy Mouse, and a magic feather, the child pachyderm overcomes his fear and takes flight.

With this thought in mind, a child ride was envisioned that would allow guests of all ages to enjoy a short trip aboard Dumbo.

The ride is most popular with the pre-k through 2nd grade kids, but there are many adults who will not visit the park without taking a ride themselves.  The line tends to be long, so head for it first thing in the morning, or during a parade.

Up to two guests may board each Dumbo, which take off for a two-minute ride counterclockwise around the hub.  A control is located in front of you which enables to to raise or lower the height of your ride vehicle as it moves.  Once the ride is over, you are automatically lowered back down to the ground for your exit.

This is a must-see for anyone with young kids, and a bit of fun for you older visitors as well.

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Walt Disney World Official 2015 Birnbaum’s Guidebook

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