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by All Things Mouse Staff on July 30, 2010
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Perhaps one of the most over-looked experiences in all of Walt Disney World is located in the Land Pavilion in Epcot.  Known as “The Circle of Life”, this twenty-minute film uses an entertaining perspective to show the damage we can do to the environment.

In the film, we are treated to the main characters from Disney’s animated classic – The Lion King.  Timon and Pumbaa are in the process of creating Hakuna Matata Lakeside Village when Simba steps in to explain the destructive nature of their ways.

To accomplish this, Simba refers to “a creature who sometimes forgets how everything is connected in the Great Circle of Life.” Humans! Immediately, Timon and Pumbaa express their disgust for humans and how they could never be like them.

Simba continues that Man was once like many of the animals and only hunted and consumed for what they needed to survive, but evolved to make choices that were not always in the best interest of the environment. Still, Timon and Pumbaa continue to see how grand their Lakeside Village could be if they also forgot to take nature into consideration.

To drive his point home, the problem of pollution is explained by Simba and images of destruction and waste are shown. Immediately, Timon and Pumbaa recognize the error of their ways.

The movie is not left on a down-note.  Simba points out that man has recognized many of his mistakes and is taking steps to reverse the trends.

This often over-looked show is a real entertaining treat, especially enjoyed on those hot days when you can relax in the air-conditioned theater.  Or perhaps as a way to pass the time when you are waiting for your FastPass window to come up for the nearby Soarin’ attraction.

Thanks to century3horizons for providing the video shown above.If you would like to see more Disney videos and reviews, check out the All Things Mouse Video Page.

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