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by All Things Mouse Staff on September 3, 2010
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One of the best loved, most popular and fastest rides in all of Walt Disney World is Test Track, found in Future World of Epcot. This unique experience puts guests in the “driver’s seat” of a test vehicle.

Originally opened on December 19, 1998, the attraction sponsored by General Motors replaced the previous World of Motion in the same basic structure.  Many delays were experienced before the ride became operational owing to its complex nature and troubles encountered before it went live.

With one of the more elaborate queue lines in Disney, those waiting are given an indication of some of the testing that is done on vehicles and their parts before they are put in to use.  Examples include electric windows, seat wear, tires, braking systems, drive-trains, etc.

Then, guests are loaded into smaller orientation rooms where they “meet” the Control Center crew.  Here, small clips of what the guests might experience are shown before they are led out to another queue leading to the ride vehicle loading zone.

The ride vehicles are six-seaters with no steering wheel and no brakes.  Don’t worry, the Control Crew will handle everything.  Once loaded, seat-belts must be buckled and the five- minute adventure begins.

Tests that guests get to experience start of with the suspension.  Expect some bumps as the car travels over different surfaces.  Next, it is time for some brake tests with ABS (anti-lock brakes) first turned off and then enabled showing the difference between the amount of control they give.

Environmental tests follow where guests ride through a heat chamber, then a cold chamber and finally a “corrosive” chamber. Next up, some cornering with a winding road.  You are even forced to “swerve” to get out of the way of an oncoming semi.

Finally, the ride vehicle heads outside for some speed.  It is here that you attain a velocity of up to 65 miles per hour as your bank around the outside of the attractions building.

Guests tend to love this ride, so plan accordingly.  FastPass is offered, so take advantage of it when the wait times get too long.

Another great option for those loving the ride, but not the wait – the Single Rider Line.  Those willing to be seated with someone they do not know can usually get on the ride within a matter of minutes if they use the Single Rider option.

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Thanks to Qwiklaff who provided the video shown above.

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