Epcot’s Morocco Pavilion Review and Video

by All Things Mouse Staff on October 19, 2010
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Offering Walt Disney World one of the more interesting pavilions in World Showcase of Epcot is Morocco.  Found between France and Japan, this unique pavilion is said to really give an authentic Moroccan feel to all those who visit.

Perhaps one of the reasons that the pavilion is labeled as authentic is the fact that actual Moroccan artists were sent by King Hassan II to help in its construction.  This pavilion marks the first expansion country to be added to the World Showcase when it opened in 1984.  Epcot itself had opened two years earlier, sans the Morocco pavilion.

With the aid of the Moroccan artists, Disney created a small town reminiscent of the North Africa nation.  The artists created mosaics similar as to what one would find on a visit there as well as repeated motifs in wood, brass, plaster, etc.  A courtyard complete with a fountain is an enjoyable place to rest for a few minutes.

As the pavilion is sponsored by the government of Morocco (the only pavilion that can claim that – the others are sponsored by corporations), the items for sale here really have that authentic feel (because many of them are actually from Morocco).  But before you get into the shopping, take a few moments to stop by the Moroccan National Tourist Office.

At the office, find information on planning your very own trip to the country and see what wonders it may have in store for you.  Not up for that yet, then ask about the tour that is provided of the pavilion instead.  Given free at intervals throughout the day, the tour informs guests of the history, architecture and culture found not only within the pavilion, but also the country it represents.

Those interested in shopping have several options including Casablanca Carpets.  Here find handmade rugs as well as jewelry, books and more.  Tangier Traders offers leather items like sandals, belts, purses, etc.

The Marketplace in the Medina sells straw hats, hand-woven baskets, scarves, etc. In the Brass Bazaar, find planters, pitchers, pots and books among their wares while the Souk Al Magreb sports a variety of brass goods, leatherwork and baskets.

Finally, if you are up for a taste of Morocco, consider the quick service restaurant of the Tangerine Cafe where hummus, baklava and chicken are among the options.  Prefer a sit-down for your meals, the Restaurant Marrakesh is your place to be guests of Moroccan hospitality with entertainment usually provided in the form of music and belly dancing.

Thanks to pacho54 who provided the video shown above!

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