Epcot’s Mexico Pavilion Video and Review

by All Things Mouse Staff on January 18, 2011
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Coming full circle from the Canada Pavilion where we started around the World Showcase of Epcot, we end up at the Mexico Pavilion. Of course, coming out of Future World, we could have just as easily started at the Mexico Pavilion by going left instead of going right.

No matter which direction you choose to enjoy World Showcase, make sure you allow for some time to stop in Mexico – or at least Epcot’s tribute to the country. At this pavilion, you will find Mexican architecture, history, products, etc. that may just make you decide it was time to take a trip to that country to the south of the United States.

Upon entering the pavilion area, you will notice the rather large mesoamerican pyramid that serves as the icon for the pavilion as well as the structure that houses an attraction, a restaurant and a market place.  However, before we go inside, lets look around a bit outside.

Opposite the World Showcase walkway of the pyramid, you will find three establishments that might be worth spending some time at.  One of these is Cantina De San Angel which is lakeside an offers some quick-service dining that many are thrilled over. Of course, as a Mexican place, you will find nachos, tacos, burritos, etc. but don’t forget the frozen margaritas or beer that might be just what you need to cool down on that hot day.

Speaking of drinks, there is also the La Cava del Tequila offering, yep, you guessed it, a wide variety of tequila for the drink connoisseur in you. For a more relaxed meal, try the La Hacienda De San Angel which is lakeside and offers more a refined menu selection.

However, the premier sit-down restaurant for the Mexico Pavilion of Epcot is the San Angel Inn which is inside the pyramid. Before you get to the restaurant, however, you will have to walk through the marketplace where you might just find something you need.

At the San Angel Inn, you will find yourself in a twilight lit restaurant on the shores of the water in front of the Mexico water ride attraction. This romantic location also offers some very nice dining for those that venture in – reservations are recommended.

As for the ride, it is known as the Gran Fiesta Tour Starring the Three Caballeros. Hosted by Donald Duck, Jose and Panchito, guests are transported through many sites of Mexico.

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Thanks to treysteven who provided the video shown above.

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