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by All Things Mouse Staff on June 4, 2010
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Living with the Land, located in the Land pavilion on the western side of Future World in Epcot, can trace it roots back to the original opening of theme park back in 1982.

When it first debuted, the ride was known as Listen to the Land, but the basic premise for the attraction has remained consistent for nearly three decades.  It takes riders on a trip which introduces them to how man has used (and can abuse) the land in an effort to create the food we use each and everyday.

Once loaded into the boat, riders are treated to a storm scene which whisks them through a tropical rainforest, planted fields and a family farm to show how mother nature is constantly re-shaping the world we live in.  From there, the boat takes riders through a plant laboratory and solarium which features unique species of plants and methods of growing them for the riders to enjoy.

The laboratory is divided into several sections with the plants found in each area preferring the climate in which that section is meant to emulate.  From tropical to desert-like, different plants and methods of growing them are explored by those working in the lab.

One of the more unique sections features new ways to grow plants such as aeroponics. In aeroponics, the plants are not actually planted in the ground, but suspended so that their roots are exposed to the air.  Those roots are then sprayed with water and nutrients routinely to ensure the plants growth.

A fish farming section showcases how man can raise stocks of fish and other water creatures to feed the world without having to resort to over-fishing the oceans.  Even alligators are routinely featured here.

Lasting around fifteen minutes, the ride is a relaxing venture into the food we eat everyday and well worth your time.

Thanks to ajruck for providing the video above.

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