Epcot’s Journey into Imagination with Figment Review and Video

by All Things Mouse Staff on August 13, 2010
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One of the more quirky but still entertaining attractions to be found in Walt Disney World is Journey Into Imagination With Figment, located in the Imagination Pavilion of Epcot.

“Journey” has actually been through three major incarnations since it first appeared in Epcot in 1983, just months after the theme park opened itself.  The first version involved guests in an omnimover ride system which took them on a trip with an old man named Dreamfinder. Dreamfinder collected dreams and ideas and uses them to create new things.  He did this along with the help of a “figment of his imagination” which resembles a winged dragon or alligator.

The original attraction was around for many years but closed in 1998 to allow for a major renovation which introduced the second version of “Journey.”  Known as “Journey into YOUR Imagination”, the re-imagined attraction was based on the new 3-D film/show  playing next door called Honey: I Shrunk the Audience.  Accordingly, guests were now “touring” the Imagination Institute from the “Honey, I Shrunk…” world and served as test subjects for new inventions.

Journey was re-fitted again a few years later into its current incarnation which took guests through the five human senses – Sight, Sound, Smell, Touch and Taste. Figment returns in this version with a much expanded role and actually joins the guests as they experience the five senses.

Also, the current version re-introduced the song “One Little Spark” which was used in the first version.  A warning to all those who attend, the song can enter your head and fight every attempt to get rid of it – think “It’s a Small World” and you will have the idea!

The attraction does make a nice re-treat from the hustle and bustle which can be exhausting in some of the other areas of the park.  While kids tend to love the slow moving ride, many often forget about it making it usually easy to walk on and experience.

Thanks to Vostruuser who provided the video shown above of the current version of “Journey.”  For more videos and reviews of attractions in the parks, see the All Things Mouse Video Tours Page.

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