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by All Things Mouse Staff on January 12, 2011
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Perhaps one of the most relaxing areas in all of Epcot is the China Pavilion. The pavilion is located on World Showcase between Norway and Germany and offers a glimpse into Chinese architecture, arts and traditions.

Those entering into the area do so through a large Chinese Gate with Disney’s version of the famous Temple of Heaven dominating the scenic view. (The real Temple of Heaven is located in Beijing.) While this area has much to offer visitors, most will want to make sure they take in the Circle-Vision 360 film dedicated to the far off land.

Known as Reflections of China, the film first premiered in 2003 when it replaced the previous “Wonders of China” film which had run since Epcot opened in 1982. The newer version finds an actor playing the part of Li Bai, a famous and noted poet from the Tang Dynasty of China, who serves as a sort of “guide” through the wonders of China.

Along the way, the nine-camera and thus nine projection screen movie treats viewers to sites such as the multi-millennia old Great Wall of China, Tienanmen Square and cities like Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai. Just keep in mind on those long hot days that no seats are provided in this theater with guests asked to stand for the viewing. It is, however, air conditioned and quite entertaining making it well worth the few minutes.

Those wanting to do a little Chinese shopping will want to spend some time in the large Yong Feng Shangdian. It offers a wide variety of Chinese goods from delicate porcelain and silk robes to toys and perfume.

If you are hungry, consider the Nine Dragons with its vast dining room where the meals are presented family style with many different food choices. If you are looking for more of a light meal, try the Lotus Blossum Cafe, the fast-food style restaurant for the pavilion. At the cafe, you can get meals like orange chicken, egg rolls, pot stickers, etc.

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Walt Disney World Official 2015 Birnbaum’s Guidebook

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