Disney’s Hollywood Studios Voyage of the Little Mermaid Review and Video

by All Things Mouse Staff on February 27, 2011
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The Voyage of the Little Mermaid is a 15-minute attraction found in Disney’s Hollywood Studios of Walt Disney World.

Guests choosing to spend some time at the attraction will be treated to a condensed version of the familiar Little Mermaid story made famous by the 1989 Disney movie. But even if you know the story by heart, that does not mean it is not worth the quarter hour it takes to sit down and take it in.

The experience starts off as you enter the queue, but the real magic begins as you take your seat in the theater. Immediately you get the unmistakable feeling that you might be headed underwater, and you are right – at least you are meant to feel that you are underwater.

Through the use of cool air, a sheet of dropping water, bubbles, lasers, and other special effects you are transported into the world of the mermaids. You follow along with the Little Mermaid story from its beginning with some video short clips of ships sailing and an intro title sequence before the up-tempo “Under the Sea” song is performed by Sebastian the crab and a flood of other characters brought to life my mostly unseen puppeteers garbed in black to keep them hidden.

Long long after, we are introduced to the heroine, Ariel as she sings her song “Part of Your World.” Video from the movie accompanies her during her vocals and then the villain (Ursula) shows up with her evil plot.

Ursula will change Ariel into a real two-legged person so she can meet the man of her dreams, Prince Eric. Two catches, Ursula wants Ariel’s voice so she will not be able to talk to Eric and Ariel will only have three days to get Eric to kiss her.

The rest of the story gets even more compressed and we see Ursula’s plans foiled and her demise before King Triton changes Ariel into a human forever so that she can be with the man of her dreams.

All in all, this is worth the fifteen minutes for its entertainment but it also makes for a nice break off of your feet and in the cool air conditioning on those long park days.  The attraction is popular, so get there a bit early, or perhaps take advantage of the FASTPASS option that is offered.

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Thanks to brytyme who provided the video shown above.

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