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by All Things Mouse Staff on February 20, 2011
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The Magic of Disney Animation found at Disney’s Hollywood Studios is really just a glimmer of the original show hosted here, but that does not mean it is not worth some of your precious vacation time, especially if it is one of those days where an inside attraction is what your body is asking for.

This show and tour lasts for approximately twenty minutes, perhaps longer depending on how long you spend at some of the offerings. First stop, a small theater where guests are asked to sit on the floor by a host. It is here where the art of animation is explained.

This explanation is done through a humorous process involving the animated dragon Mushu from Disney’s movie Mulan. Mushu is voiced by Eddie Murphy who is quick to get some laughs from the audience. Through Mushu as well as the host and a small cast of other Disney Cast Members responsible for some Disney animation, the process of bringing the drawings to life is explained.

Following the short theater experience, you are able to walk past desks once used by Disney animators when films were actually being produced at this location. No one actually works here now as those positions were shifted back to California but it does allow you to see where films like Brother Bear, Mulan and Lilo & Stitch were created.

From there, you are able to join a smaller group animation lesson if you would like. Here a cast member will show you how to draw one of Disney’s famous cartoon figures and allow you the opportunity to try it for yourself. If you are not up to drawing, there are several other stations worth checking out like one where you can put your voice to an animated character.

On your way out, you can see some of the Academy Awards won by Disney as well as some top-notch Disney drawings.

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Thanks to PetiteAristocrat who provided the video shown above.

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