Disney’s Hollywood Studios Sounds Dangerous Starring Drew Carey Review and Video

by All Things Mouse Staff on March 18, 2011
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Operated only seasonally now, Sounds Dangerous Starring Drew Carey in Disney’s Hollywood Studios originally opened on April 22, 1999. The twelve minute show runs continuously when operating , but check park maps to verify times.

Unlike most attractions at Walt Disney World, the Sounds Dangerous Starring Drew Carey attraction is one you will want to definitely guess the appropriateness for your young children. It is not that the attraction is inherently bad for kids, it is just the fact that a majority of it takes place in the dark which many children find frightening.

The premise of the show starts off that you are the audience participating on a soundstage where the taping of a new reality style detective show is being filmed. Drew Carey plays the bumbling detective who is geared with a tiny video camera and microphones which will allow the audience to see and hear everything that Carey’s character experiences as he attempts to solve the case.

As the show continues, it becomes evident that this detective is not the brightest. A fact which is proven when he is startled by the appearance of security guards when he was in the process of showing the audience how he can pick a lock. Unsure what to do, he puts the camera in his mouth which immediately starts to short it out eventually leaving the audience in total darkness.

The next several minutes are spent in the dark as Carey’s character continues his ineptness as a detective. The state-of-the-art headphones the audience wears still allows them to follow along with the character as he “solves” the case before eventually the camera starts to work again.

Those with younger kids will want to consider alternate attractions at the park like Beauty and the Beast, but older ones may want to check Sounds Dangerous with Drew Carey out if it is operating, if for no other reason to spend a few minutes off your feet.

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Thanks to HV10N90 who provided the video shown above.

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