Disney’s Hollywood Studio Twilight Zone Tower of Terror Review and Video

by All Things Mouse Staff on February 8, 2011
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Even a new visitor to Disney’s Hollywood Studios cannot help but notice the large structure off to the right as they enter the park. It is the building that houses the attraction Twilight Zone™ Tower of Terror.

Now just because they notice it, does not mean that everyone will want to be adventurous enough to attempt the ride. It is not for the faint of heart and might be more than some people bargain for. This is especially true if one scares easily, or if one does not like being dropped.

Of course, being dropped is a bit of an understatement, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

The building was designed to look similar to the famous Hollywood Tower, which has been named a historic landmark. This structure, however, stands at 199 feet and has signage on the exterior indicating it is “The Hollywood Tower Hotel.”  The front of the building indicates something ominous as it has been painted to look like lightning has struck it.

Cobwebs, dusty furniture and low lighting immediately give a feeling of eeriness as you enter the lobby and are directed to the library where a TV tells the story of the hotel. According to the story, on Halloween Night in 1939, five guests were riding in an elevator when lightning struck the building making the guests disappear, along with an entire wing of the building.

After that news, guests are directed towards the boiler room where they will enter the ride elevator. Once seated, the doors close and the ride begins. First stop, the doors open and guests see a corridor with ghostly remnants of the five missing hotel guests from 1939.

Then the doors close, and you ascend once again. Finally stopping, the elevator car you are riding exits the elevator shaft and glides along a path taking you into the “Fifth Dimension.” Here guests are treated to some eerie sights and sounds not at all preparing you for the final part of the ride.

Locking into a new elevator shaft, you are suddenly dropped. You actually fall faster than gravity owing to cables that suck the car down. You are then raised and dropped again in different combinations making each ride unique. At times during your plummets, the elevator doors open giving you a view of the outside.

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Thanks to dan1011001 who provided the video shown above.

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