Disney’s Blizzard Beach Teamboat Springs Review and Video

by All Things Mouse Staff on February 7, 2012
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A family trip to Disney’s Blizzard Beach water park of Walt Disney World would not be complete without a ride (or several) down Teamboat Springs. This rafting attraction holds four to six people so plan your groups accordingly!

Teamboat Springs is a 1,200 foot long white-water raft ride from the top of Mount Gushmore down to ground level. Along the way, expect some water and bumps to make the ride both exciting and un-predictable.

Disney touts the ride with:

‘Teamboat Springs at Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park is a family raft ride down a winding river. Big kids, teens and adults can all ride together in a large raft that holds 4 to 6 people.”

That really does not describe the fun that you and your family (or other group) will have on Teamboat Springs.  Just getting to the top of Mount Gushmore is a thrill in and of itself to take in the views offered, but then when you sit down in the family raft you know you are in for an adventure.

Don’t worry, Teamboat Springs does not require the dare-devil attitude of other Green Slope attractions of Mount Gushmore like Summit Plummet or Slush Gusher, but that does not mean it is not worth doing. The sheer nature of a group attraction adds to its fun and you will be laughing about the ride down for years to come!

To get to Teamboat Springs, take the walkway up to the top of Mount Gushmore or ride the Chairlift.

Thanks to lizcaswll who provided the YouTube video shown above!

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