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by All Things Mouse Staff on June 27, 2011
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If there are young ones in your group (and this includes those young at heart), you will definitely not want to miss the Triceratop Spin in the Animal Kingdom of Walt Disney World as it is sure to be a hit. Not that the ride is particularly enthralling, it is just that it serves as a passable likeness of the more popular Dumbo the Flying Elephant Ride found in the Magic Kingdom.

However, where the lines at the Dumbo ride are almost always close to unbearable, the lines at this Triceratop Spin are typically quite manageable. Now of course, Disney purists will always want to ride Dumbo, but for those just looking for the circular “flying” experience, then this hub and spoke Triceratop Spin is just for them.

It also serves as an excellent place to amuse the young ones when the older family members head to the close by (and much more intense) Dinosaur Ride. While they get their thrills, the young ones can have a dinosaur ride of their own.

Triceratop Spin opened on November 1, 2001, a few years after the opening of the Animal Kingdom itself. The ride is located over in the DinoLand U.S.A. section which also houses several other kid friendly attractions like the Primeval Whirl.

Each flying dinosaur can hold up to four people giving them greater capacity than the aforementioned Dumbo which does help when dealing with a complete family. Two people sit per seat in the triceratop and each will have a control that they may use while in flight.

Those sitting in the front section can control the dinosaur’s forward and backward motion while those in the back seats can control the up and down movements. Something for everyone to take a hand at!

While not the most exciting ride found in the park, Triceratop Spin will at least delight the smaller ones with you.

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Thanks to windycitymommedia who provided the video shown above.


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