Disney’s Animal Kingdom Maharajah Jungle Trek Review and Video

by All Things Mouse Staff on May 31, 2011
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While not typically offering the excitement found on the Kali River Rapids, the Maharajah Jungle Trek located in the same Asia section called Anandapur of Disney’s Animal Kingdom of Walt Disney World as the rapids is nonetheless worth a few minutes of your precious vacation time to explore.

Guests opting to walk the 2000 ft walking trail will be treated to some of the more exotic creatures found on the Asian continent including Bengal Tigers, Komodo Dragons, Blood Pythons and even Malayan Flying Fox. Don’t worry, though, Disney is not about to lose a guest in these encounters so you are protected at all times from the more dangerous creatures even though Disney Imagineering does quite a nice job of hiding that protection.

The theme of the land is a private rain forest jungle that has been surrounded by walls at one time to allow a rich Maharajah a private hunting ground. That rich Maharajah is now dead and the area has been “converted” into more of a nature preserve where man and beast now live harmoniously. In keeping with that storyline, there is even evidence of British influence harking to the days of a British colony in the region.

Along the trail, you come across some ancient ruins. Upon closer inspection of the ruins, however, you should spot some of the mighty Bengal Tigers. During most of the day they are content to lounge about and nap, but you might be lucky enough to catch them frolicking around the area as sometimes they can be quite playful almost like your cat at home!

Another unique encounter involves the giant fruit bats who have wing spans up to six feet. While imposing, these creatures will not harm you (or even come close to you) despite the fact that some areas do not even have glass to separate you from the bats.

While not fraught with excitement, the Maharajah Jungle Trek is a unique experience for you and your family.

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Thanks to camrydriver who provided the video shown above.

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