Disney’s Animal Kingdom Kali River Rapids Review and Video

by All Things Mouse Staff on May 28, 2011
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One of the most exciting adventures offered at Disney’s Animal Kingdom of Walt Disney World has to be Kali River Rapids. If it is not the most exciting, it definitely the wettest experience you can have there (with the possible exception of those unexpected intense rain showers that pass through the area).

Kali River Rapids is located in the Asia section of Animal Kingdom which is to the back and the right after you enter the park. Now the ride can be popular which may lead you to consider running right to it first thing, but you will want to remember that you WILL get wet so there may be other things on your agenda to get out of the way first.

Entering the queue immediately transports you to another location in true Disney fashion. Reminiscent of ancient ruins of some Asian country, the queue winds your through several buildings including a “temple.” A short video is offered welcoming you to the “Kali Rapids Expeditions,” an tourist outfit specializing in raft trips on the Chakranadi River. Along with the welcome, guests are warned of illegal logging in the area, something that tourism to the region is helping to combat.

At this point, you will want to make sure that anything that needs to stay dry has been put in a locker or left with someone not riding. Kali offers a small protected area on each raft, but there is no guarantee that things inside still won’t get wet.

It is now time to board the raft from a gently rotating platform. Each raft will hold up to 12 people. You strap yourself in and the ride really begins. After a short calm ride, you start a ninety foot climb which is where your adventure truly begins.

The scene of a nice calm forest is interrupted by remains of an illegal logging operation. Left behind are a truck which has slid into the river and a burning pile of logs.  Of course, you only have a few moments to take in the scene as you are headed towards the rapids, including a large 20-foot drop.

That drop typically soaks everyone, but the ride is not quite over yet. There are a few more areas where those who managed to stay a bit dry might yet get the soaking they deserve.

All in all, this ride is a great one to experience, especially on those hot muggy days that Florida is so well-known for.

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Thanks to HV10N90 who provided the video shown above.

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