Disneyland’s Pirates of the Caribbean Review and Video

by All Things Mouse Staff on April 8, 2013
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The Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland is a classic attraction that really should be a must-see for anyone visiting the theme park. This review and video of the ride will hopefully convey a few of the reasons you should not miss it.

To find the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, head to the New Orleans Square area of Disneyland. There you will find the entrance to the ride which is the last attraction whose construction was supervised by Walt Disney himself.

The ride opened on March 16, 1967. This was just a few months after Walt Disney had passed away and the genius of the man can be seen in the elements of his last attraction.

So endearing is the ride to many that the Disney Company opted to create a series of movies years later based on the same concept. These Pirates of the Caribbean movies would become blockbusters and would eventually end up revitalizing the original ride from which their premise was based on.

At the heart of the attraction is a boat ride through a pirate themed life in the Caribbean. Disney uses this to describe it:

“Avast ye land lubbers! Set forth on a swashbuckling voyage on Pirates of the Caribbean and be transported back to the days when pirates and privateers wrought havoc on the high seas. Discover a pirate’s curse, the plundering of a Caribbean village and the elusive exploits of Captain Jack Sparrow!”

In addition to its premise being featured in blockbuster movies, the ride itself was recreated at other Disney Parks. This includes the Walt Disney World version, as well as others. Each offers their own uniqueness, but none can say they were directly influenced by Walt Disney like the original Disneyland ride can.

The Pirates of the Caribbean is truly a must-do for any fan of Disney!

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Special thanks to the excellent YouTube® video shown above provided by Asianjma123.

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