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by All Things Mouse Staff on March 28, 2013
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The Jungle Cruise of Disneyland originally started operations back on July 17, 1955. It was one of the original attractions offered at Disneyland on the theme park’s opening day.

This review and video of the Jungle Cruise ride hopes to entice readers to take the time to enjoy the attraction. It truly is one of the classics, a fact affirmed by the inclusion of similar attractions at most of the other Disney parks around the world.

The Jungle Cruise was originally conceived of as a ride through a setting as close to a real jungle as could be created in Anaheim, California. Unfortunately, costs and challenges associated with intertwining the ride through the created habitats of real animals proved too much and audio-animatronics were used in their place.

Still, those early days aboard one of the steamers led one to believe you were setting out on a real-life jungle adventure. The narration used at the time was likened to that of a documentary.

That narration has since been changed, and guests are now treated to more of a comical adventure through the jungle.  Perhaps Disney describes it best with their explanation:

“Board a trusty tramp steamer for a 7-minute guided tour of jungles from around the world, brimming with exotic animals and lush tropical foliage. Keep an eye out for potential perils — and stunning beauty — as your daring skipper navigates untamed waters with a skilled hand, a brave heart and a clever joke. Welcome to the world famous Jungle Cruise!”

The ride lasts approximately seven minutes and wait times are usually very manageable. If nothing else, it provides some quick relief to those weary feet.

For a review of the Disney World version, see Magic Kingdom’s Jungle Cruise.

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Special thanks to the excellent YouTube® video shown above provided by shoeface25.

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