Disneyland Starts Aggresive Anti-Ticket Renting Enforcement

by All Things Mouse Staff on November 12, 2012
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Multiple sources have confirmed that the two theme parks of the Disneyland Resort in California have begun aggressive enforcement against the practice known as ticket renting. The increased scrutiny into the practice started several days ago and appears as if it will remain for the foreseeable future.

Guests attempting to use any 4 or 5 day ticket at either Disneyland or its sister park, Disney California Adventure Park, will be directed towards special gates at those respective parks. They will then be required to show identification to insure they are the individual named on the card.

Tickets purchased at the resort will be printed with the individual’s names already on them. For other tickets, the individual’s names will be added with indelible ink the first time they are used.

The policy was already in place from Disney stating that all tickets must be used by the same individual for all days available on the ticket. Unfortunately, many were skirting this policy and buying and selling tickets that had remaining days on them.

Many justified the practice as a means to decrease the cost of a visit to the parks. A one day standard adult ticket is $81. In contrast, a five-day ticket runs only $240 (or $48 per day).  Consequently, individuals would buy tickets for more days than they planned to use, then resell them in an effort decrease their cost per day in the park.

Businesses have also been taking advantage of the previously lax enforcement. These businesses would serve as intermediaries of sorts buying the unused days and reselling them for more to others.

With the new policy in place, this practice is almost undoubtedly suffering. In fact, some of the ticket brokers involved have already closed.

Disney indicates it is researching other methods of enforcement. The Walt Disney World Resort theme parks in Florida already use a biometric system to help insure ticket renting is not occurring, but that technology is not going to be used in California according to Disney.

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