Disney World Park Tickets 101: Park Hopper Option

by All Things Mouse Staff on October 18, 2009
Walt Disney World

Yesterday, All Things Mouse gave you the basic information on Magic Your Way Disney World Park Tickets.  Today, we’ll continue in more detail.  Once you’ve determined how many park days you’ll need, you will want to consider the other park ticket options you have.  The first option you can add is the Park Hopper.

Adding the Park Hopper option to your base ticket allows you to go to more than one park in the same day.  Many people enjoy the freedom the Park Hopper gives you when planning your trip.  You can go to your favorite Animal Kingdom ride in the morning, eat at your favorite Epcot restaurant in the afternoon & watch fireworks at the Magic Kingdom in the evening.  You also have the advantage of being able to move to another park later in the day if you choose, because the park you are in closes earlier than the other parks or because of crowd levels or weather.  

Besides the cost savings, one reason you might choose to not add the Park Hopper would be your style of vacationing.  If you tend to go to one park & stay there the rest of the day, you might choose to forgo the Park Hopper & spend your money elsewhere.  It takes time to travel between parks and you may choose to simply spend that time staying in one park for the day.

The Park Hopper option adds a flat fee of $52 onto your base ticket, regardless of how many days you’ve purchased.  Again, like the base ticket itself, this makes your per-day cost of the Park Hopper much more cost effective the more days you stay.  If you are undecided about adding the Park Hopper, you can add it to your base ticket at any time during your stay.  The catch is that it will still cost you $52, regardless of when you add it on.   So, if you add the Park Hopper on day 4 of a 5 day trip, you will still pay the $52, but will not have been able to take advantage of its benefits for the first three days.

Check back tomorrow at All Things Mouse for another option you can add to your Magic Your Way Base Ticket…

Walt Disney World Official 2015 Birnbaum's Guidebook

Walt Disney World Official 2015 Birnbaum’s Guidebook

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