Disney World Park Tickets 101: Park Hopper Option – Revisited

by All Things Mouse Staff on October 1, 2012
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In our last post here on All Things Mouse, we  updated readers on base Walt Disney World Magic Your Way tickets. To those basic tickets, several options may be added allowing guests different opportunities depending upon which option is selected.

One of those options, and likely the most popular with those that visit Walt Disney World Resort, is the Park Hopper Option. When added to a basic ticket, the park hopper option allows guests to enter multiple theme parks of the resort in the same day.

This differs from the aforementioned basic ticket. Guests purchasing a base Magic Your Way Ticket are only allowed to enter one park per day. Even if they purchased multiple days on that base ticket, they can still only enter one park per day. (Guests are allowed to come and go to that same park.)

By adding the Park Hopper Option, those same guests can come and go to multiple parks the same day. This allows guests much more flexibility in planning their vacation.

Some guests use the option to keep their park time at a maximum each day. For example, Disney’s Animal Kingdom almost always closes relatively early such as at 5PM or 6PM. Guests who have the park hopper tickets can then spend the day at Animal Kingdom, then head to another park which is open later into the evening.

Other guests like the ability to also split their day between two or more parks, but for other reasons. Some like it because they may want to enjoy the attractions at one park during the day, but head to another in the evening to take in the fireworks. That is just one example of the freedom allowed by those that purchase the park hopper option.

Pricing of the Park Hopper option gets a bit more complicated than the standard base tickets. Of course, it must be remembered that the option is an add-on to the base tickets which must be purchased in addition.

The chart below offers the base ticket pricing plus the price of just adding on the park hopper option to that base:

Disney World Base Ticket Pricing

(does not include tax)

Ages 10 and up Base Ticket
Price Including Park Hopper
$89.00 ($89.00/day)
$176.00 ($88.00/day)
$242.00 ($80.67/day)
$256.00 ($64.00/day)
$268.00 ($53.60/day)
$278.00 ($46.33/day)
$288.00 ($41.14/day)
$298.00 ($37.25/day)
$308.00 ($34.22/day)
$318.00 ($31.80/day)


As the chart above shows, pricing of the Park Hopper option varies depending on the number of days in the original base ticket. A one day ticket park hopper adds on $35 to the original ticket. From that point on, it costs $57 (total) to add the option on to any 2-10 day tickets. Thus, a hopper 2-day ticket is only $57 more than a 2-day base ticket just like a 10-day hopper is only $57 more than a 10-day base ticket.

For more information, or to purchase tickets, see the Tickets page on the Disney World website or contact your travel agent.

If you are planning a visit to Walt Disney World Resort, you may also be interested in the Disney Park Hours page here on All Things Mouse!

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Walt Disney World Official 2015 Birnbaum’s Guidebook

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