Disney World Park Tickets 101: No Expiration Option

by All Things Mouse Staff on October 20, 2009
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You’ve decided how many park days you need, chosen whether or not to take advantage of the Park Hopper and Water Park Fun and More options, now what’s left to decide on your Disney World Park Tickets?  The last option you have to choose from is the No Expiration option.

When you purchase a regular Magic Your Way ticket, all of your park days and extra options expire fourteen days from the day you first use your ticket.  If you purchase the No Expiration option, you may save any unused park days or plus options for use at a later date.

Deciding whether or not to add the No Expiration option is a bit more complicated than some of your other choices.  The cost of this option increases with the number of days on your original ticket, ranging from $18 for a two day pass up to $209 for a ten day pass.  One thing to be sure to keep in mind is that your cost is based on your original number of days, NOT the number of days you are trying to save.  So, if you have a ten day pass, use eight days, & want to save the last two, it will still cost an additional $209 (not $18).

The advantage of using the No Expiration option is that you can save unused days for a future visit.  This may help by “pre-paying” the ticket portion of that visit & help with your budgeting.   If prices go up, your saved tickets may have cost you less than a future ticket would.  Another benefit is that if you’ve purchased the Water Park Fun and More option, all of those unused visits can be saved for future trips as well.

You need to carefully consider whether or not your vacation style will allow you to take advantage of the No Expiration option in a cost-effective way, though.  Saving unused days to use later is generally only beneficial if those days will completely cover the park passes needed for that trip (or to add on a few days past the 10 day mark).  Consider this scenario:  You purchase an eight day non expiring ticket and have four days left over which cost you $164.78 ($12.78 for the difference between a four day and an eight day pass and $152 for the No Expiration option).  If you need six days for your next trip, you will then need to purchase a two day pass for $166.14, which will cost you $330.92.  If you had just purchased a six day base pass, it would have only been $246.02, so with current prices, “saving” your days actually cost you more money.  Or to consider another scenario, purchasing two five day base passes for $485.64 ($242.82 each) is not much different than purchasing one ten day non expiring base pass for $467.80.

You may consider purchasing the No Expiration option if you have a lot of unused Water Park Fun and More options and several days left on your ticket.  You could use the park days for a short weekend trip at some future date and could use one or two of your Water Park Fun and More options on each of several upcoming trips, saving you at least $52 on each of those passes.  And sometimes, it’s just nice to have some extra tickets on hand as the promise of a future trip, even when you don’t have one specifically planned yet!

In any event, the No Expiration option can be a costly option that should be carefully considered before you shell out your hard earned cash for this choice.  Evaluate the number of days you have left on your ticket, their potential cost by adding this option, and the opportunities you’d have to use them before making your decision.

Now, you can purchase Magic Your Way tickets with ease and confidence, knowing what you should consider when making your decisions.  Sit back, relax, and enjoy your upcoming Disney World trip!

Walt Disney World Official 2015 Birnbaum's Guidebook

Walt Disney World Official 2015 Birnbaum’s Guidebook

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