Disney World Park Tickets 101: No Expiration Option – Revisited

by All Things Mouse Staff on October 8, 2012
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Over the last few posts here on All Things Mouse we have been updating our Disney World Park Tickets 101 articles with more recent information. We have already discussed the basic park tickets, the Park Hopper option and the Water Parks Fun and More option.

Closing out this thread on general park admission will be a quick discussion on the No Expiration option. As the name implies, when purchased in addition to a standard park ticket, this option keeps that park ticket from expiring until all purchased  (and/or options) days have been used.

Before getting into more details on the No Expiration option, it would probably be prudent to discuss the main reason one might choose to purchase it. All current Disney World park tickets expire 14-days after they are first used. This means if you buy a 2-day ticket and enter the park on the first day, the second day will expire 14 days later even if you don’t go to the parks a second day.

The same applies to larger multi-day tickets. If you purchase a 10-day ticket, it will expire 14 days after the first use even if you only use a few of the original days purchased.

By purchasing the No Expiration Option, remaining days on the tickets remain valid. This also applies to remaining Water Parks Fun and More visits on the ticket (if you also purchased the Water Parks Fun and More option).

Pricing on the Magic Your Way No Expiration Option varies depending on the number of days in the original ticket. The chart below shows the price for a standard ticket and the cost of adding on the No Expiration Option to that ticket:

Disney World Base Ticket Pricing

(does not include tax)

Ages 10 and up Base Ticket
Price Including No Expiration Option
$89.00 ($89.00/day)
$176.00 ($88.00/day)
$242.00 ($80.67/day)
$256.00 ($64.00/day)
$268.00 ($53.60/day)
$278.00 ($46.33/day)
$288.00 ($41.14/day)
$298.00 ($37.25/day)
$308.00 ($34.22/day)
$318.00 ($31.80/day)


As the chart above shows, the cost of adding the No Expiration varies greatly. It costs just $30.00 to turn a standard two-day Magic Your Way Ticket into a non-expiring ticket. However, the price for doing the same thing to a ten-day ticket is $275.00.

At those prices, it is important for you to decide if the option would be cost effective for your situation. Most find the option is only worthwhile if they are planning several smaller trips to Walt Disney World. For instance, if you are planning on three 3-day trips to Disney World, the cost of purchasing three separate three-day tickets would be $726.00 ($242.00 per thee-day ticket). However, purchasing a nine-day no-expiration ticket would only be $558.00.

Of course, another thing to ponder is when you would be using those trips. If they are all going to occur within the same year period, one may want to consider an annual pass. It allows unlimited entries into the parks for a year and costs $574 a person and also entitles the owner to additional discounts.

Another consideration is if you also purchase the Water Parks Fun and More option. As previously stated, those Water Park visits will also not expire if the No Expiration option is purchased. Thus a 10-day Magic Your Way Ticket with the Water Parks Fun and More Option and the No Expiration Option would entitle you to ten days at the four theme parks of Disney World and ten visits as offered under the Water Parks Fun and More option to the two water parks of Disney World, DisneyQuest, miniature golfing, etc. anytime in the future

For more information, or to purchase tickets, see the Tickets page on the Disney World website or contact your travel agent.

If you are planning a visit to Walt Disney World Resort, you may also be interested in the Disney Park Hours page here on All Things Mouse!

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Walt Disney World Official 2015 Birnbaum’s Guidebook

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