Disney World Park Tickets 101: The Basics – Revisited

by All Things Mouse Staff on September 27, 2012
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Three years ago, All Things Mouse gave you a primer on Disney World Park Tickets 101: The Basics that, at the time, offered readers up-to-date information on understanding Disney World Park tickets as well as the associated pricing for those tickets. As one can imagine, some of the information has changed in the last few years.

Now, as those changes have occurred, we have tried to inform readers through posts about the modifications. However, it may be time again to cover the basics.

Anyone who visits Disney World and wants to enter one of the four theme parks (Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Disney’s Animal Kingdom) will need to purchase a park entrance ticket. Disney currently calls these “Magic Your Way” tickets.

Potential guests first need to determine the number of days they might want to be in the parks on their trip. Currently, guests coming from within the United States have the option of purchasing one day tickets up to ten day tickets.  These tickets are good for entrance into the parks for the number of days selected and for the purposes of our discussion will be considered base tickets.

It is important to note a few caveats with these base tickets. First of all, they expire 14 days after the first day of use no matter if you used all of your purchased days or not. Secondly, they entitle the user entrance into one park only for the day. The guest can come and go as needed, but only back into the park which they first entered that day. Third, these tickets are good for any of the four theme parks of Disney World, but will not allow entrance into the two water parks (Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach).

For those that are concerned about these limitations, Disney has you taken care of (for a price). Additional options may be purchased that modify the base tickets dependent upon which option is bought. Examples of these include the non-expiration option, park hopper option and the water parks fun & more option. These will be discussed in future posts.

As for pricing, the base ticket prices are broken down in the chart below. These are current as of this posting, but are subject to change at anytime.

Disney World Base Ticket Pricing

(does not include tax)

Ages 10 and up
Ages 3-9
$89.00 ($89.00/day)
$83.00 ($83.00/day)
$176.00 ($88.00/day)
$164.00 ($82.00/day)
$242.00 ($80.67/day)
$226.00 ($75.33/day)
$256.00 ($64.00/day)
$239.00 ($59.75/day)
$268.00 ($53.60/day)
$250.00 ($50.00/day)
$278.00 ($46.33/day)
$260.00 ($43.33/day)
$288.00 ($41.14/day)
$270.00 ($38.57/day)
$298.00 ($37.25/day)
$280.00 ($35.00/day)
$308.00 ($34.22/day)
$290.00 ($32.22/day)
$318.00 ($31.80/day)
$300.00 ($30.00/day)


Of note, those under the age of 3 are allowed free entrance into the parks. Also, as can be seen in the chart above, the cost per day decreases the more days that are purchased. For example, a three-day adult ticket costs $242 or $80.67 per day. In comparison, a ten-day ticket (which adds seven days) costs only $318 or $31.80 per day.

For more information, or to purchase tickets, see the Tickets page on the Disney World website or contact your travel agent.

If you are planning a visit to Walt Disney World Resort, you may also be interested in the Disney Park Hours page here on All Things Mouse!

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Walt Disney World Official 2015 Birnbaum’s Guidebook

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