Disney To Launch New Digital Rights Technology Codenamed “Keychest”

by All Things Mouse Staff on October 21, 2009
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According to the Wall Street Journal, the Walt Disney Company is on the verge of announcing a new initiative that could eliminate the use of DVDs and Blu-Ray discs.  Codenamed “Keychest”, the program would allow a one time purchase that would give the buyer the digital rights to a movie across multiple platforms.

This would eliminate the need to have a physical copy of the movie in your possession, because any time you wanted, you could download the movie to the device of your choice.  This device could be your computer, your iPod, and even your TV if you have a compatible service such as on-demand cable television.

Owning the rights to view the movie on multiple devices would free you from the constraints currently imposed on most videos.  Currently, even if you own the DVD, you really have no legal way of getting that movie onto your iPod. It can be done, but it blurs heavily into the gray area of “Fair Use”, and could get you into trouble.  Instead, you have to hope that the movie you like is available from Apple and then pay an additional fee to rent it or buy it, on top of what you might have already spent on the DVD.

This new technology seems to really be the direction of the future. It is just a matter of the gadgets we use being able to play the content without the hassle of copyright restrictions normally in place to protect the studios interests.  By the studios pushing the technology, their concerns can be addressed while the public can enjoy the benefits.

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