Disney Cruise Line Announces Changes To Youth Activity Restrictions

by All Things Mouse Staff on January 7, 2010
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Those interested in taking a cruise aboard the Disney Cruise Lines may also be interested to know that the company has made some changes to the kids programming available onboard.

Previously, activities available were grouped by the age of the child, instead of their interest in an activity.  This is no longer the case, now children can choose which activities they would like to take part in, regardless of their age.

“The changes within Disney Cruise Line youth activities will allow children freedom to create a customized experience onboard our ships,” said Disney Cruise Line Vice President of Entertainment Jim Urry. “Children can select their own adventures and immersive experiences for a truly personalized, memorable cruise vacation.”

This comes as welcome news, not only to the children, but to the parents.  Especially if those parents have more than one kid in the program, or perhaps a friend or extended family member is also on the cruise with children.  Now the kids can play together, even if the kids are not the same age.

For example, lets say your child is 10 and your sister’s child is 7, now the two cousins can spend time together while still under the watchful supervision of trained Disney staff.

Some of the activities available onboard for kids include:

  • Animation Antics – kids learn to draw Mickey Mouse using simple techniques
  • Camp Out – a chance for participating kids to camp aboard ship, including pitching a tent and sing-a-longs
  • Flubber – turning a bit towards science, kids get to create a substance that looks like Flubber
  • Pirates Life for Me – kids take part in a game show hosted by two fun-loving pirates
  • Cinderella’s Royal Ball – royalty training for kids who want to learn the intricacies of being a prince or princess
  • Toy Story Boot Camp – kids take part in interactive activities led by Corporal Green

Many other activities are also available.  Contact the Disney Cruise Line for specifics

  • Ratatouille – in the kitchen, participants learn how to make some delicious chocolate chip cookies
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