Disney Announces Let the Memories Begin Campaign

by All Things Mouse Staff on September 24, 2010
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During a press event held in New York City  on September 23, 2010, the Disney Company announced its new campaign theme for park celebrations and marketing.

Called “Let the Memories Begin,” the campaign’s biggest effect will culminate in a new night show at both the Magic Kingdom of Walt Disney World as well as at Disneyland. It involves larger than life projections on either Cinderella Castle at the Florida based theme park, or on the It’s s Small World structure at Disneyland.

The new show is slated to be in addition to the fireworks and/or parades that already regularly occur at the parks.  In fact, the technology expands on the projections already used on the aforementioned structures during the fireworks.

However, instead of general coloring and shapes, higher definition images will be used.  Apparently some animation elements will be utilized, but the big emphasis appears to be on family photos taken within the park during that day.  Those pictures will be projected onto the castle or It’s a Small World building to emphasize the “Let the Memories Begin” theme.

Hundreds of new images will be shown each night, probably mostly taken from the thousands of moments capture by the Disney PhotoPass photographers.  Each night, new images from that day will replace the images shown the night before.

Disney lists January of 2011 as the start date for the new night-time show.

Alongside the photos gathered, Disney also plans to capture video of familys on vacation to use in its television campaigns.  Those same videos also might appear on the Disney websites and on other social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, etc.).

Disney is no stranger to a new campaign theme.  It tends to initiate a new one every few years.  Some of the more recent themes included “What Will You Celebrate” and the popular “Year of a Million Dreams.” In the more distant past, Disney used to focus more on the anniversary of the parks, such as the 25th Anniversary of the Magic Kingdom, but as of late, as part of its efforts to tie all the parks together, it focuses more on the theme of the year.

Thanks to dkpeterso who provided the sample video of the nightime projection onto Cinderella Castle that is shown above.

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