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The Disney Company

In what at first glance might seem a bit out of their field of expertise, Disney has unveiled new research which allows them to simulate “tactile rendering of 3D features” on a touchscreen. In layman’s terms, this means that they have developed the ability for a person to feel things like bumps when they slide their finger across a flat screen.

The algorithm was developed by Disney Research, a little-known arm of the Disney Company. Disney Research is a  network of research labs which launched in 2008 with a goal of developing new technologies for use in the varied pursuits of the entertainment company. Continue reading “Disney Research Develops Algorithm To Simulate Textures on Touchscreens” »


Much to the delight of many fans, Disney & Lucasfilm have announced that JJ Abrams has been selected as the director of the ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ movie. Production on the movie has not yet begun but it has been tentatively scheduled for a 2015 release date.

Among many other successful works, Abrams has recently accomplished a very popular reboot of the fellow sci-fi “Star Trek” franchise with a blockbuster debut movie of the same name back in 2009. Its sequel is scheduled for release in May of this year. Continue reading “Disney & Lucasfilm Announce JJ Abrams As ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ Director” »


It has been announced by Disney that key management changes will soon be occurring at Disney Parks including the Walt Disney World Resort of Florida and the Disneyland Resort of California. In addition, other changes will also take place with other positions in the worldwide Disney Parks system.

Most notable among the changes will be the installation of George A. Kalogridis as the president of the Walt Disney World Resort. He takes the reigns from Meg Crofton who will focus her attention on her role as President, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Operations, U.S. and France. Crofton has held the international position since July of 2011 along with her duties at the Walt Disney World Resort. Continue reading “Executive Management Changes Coming To Disney Parks” »


For those that have not heard, the Disney Company has recently penned a deal to acquire Lucasfilm LTD. At a transaction value of $4.05 billion, the purchase marks a significant investment for the company.

Lucasfilm LTD was started and wholly owned by Hollywood legend, George Lucas. Through his creative direction, many notable entertainment franchises were launched including the intensely popular Star Wars and Indiana Jones movies. Continue reading “Disney Company Acquires Lucasfilm LTD” »


During a press event held in New York City  on September 23, 2010, the Disney Company announced its new campaign theme for park celebrations and marketing.

Called “Let the Memories Begin,” the campaign’s biggest effect will culminate in a new night show at both the Magic Kingdom of Walt Disney World as well as at Disneyland. It involves larger than life projections on either Cinderella Castle at the Florida based theme park, or on the It’s s Small World structure at Disneyland.

The new show is slated to be in addition to the fireworks and/or parades that already regularly occur at the parks.  In fact, the technology expands on the projections already used on the aforementioned structures during the fireworks. Continue reading “Disney Announces Let the Memories Begin Campaign” »


It has been announced by the Disney Company that less than two months into its “Give a Day, Get a Disney Day” volunteer initiative, already over 600,000 individuals have either completed or signed up for the program.

Under the terms of the program, individuals can sign up for an approved volunteer opportunity and complete a day of service with that organization. In return, Disney will give them a one-day park pass to one of the parks at Walt Disney World or Disneyland.

The 600,000 already participating is an amazing figure since the company only allowed for 1 million tickets in the program.  Of course, excitement is always the greatest in the beginning, so it is possible that the growth will slow throughout the rest of the year keeping 1 million slightly out of reach. Continue reading “Disney’s Give A Day, Get A Disney Day Over Half-Way Mark” »


Magic Kingdom’s Magic Carpets of Aladdin

January 15, 2010

The Magic Carpets of Aladdin located in the Magic Kingdom of Walt Disney World is a ride suitable for you and the little ones in your party. Similar in design to Dumbo The Flying Elephant in Fantasyland, the Aladdin ride has sixteen ‘carpets’ that are waiting to let you take flight over Agrabah. Each carpet […]

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Famous Disney Icon Used As College Mascot

January 3, 2010

Those that took some time on New Year’s Day to watch the Tournament of Roses Parade or the Rose Bowl Game may have gotten a glimpse of one of Disney’s most iconic characters in an unexpected role. For decades now, the University of Oregon’s mascot has been none other than Donald Duck.  But what is […]

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Disney Initiates ‘Give A Day, Get A Disney Day’

January 1, 2010

As Disney lovers awoke to their first morning of 2010, one thing many may want to remember is that today marks the official launch of Disney’s ‘Give A Day, Get a Disney Day!’ As we first announced in October, the Disney program aims to get a million people to volunteer in an approved program for […]

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Roy Disney Passes Away At Age 79

December 17, 2009

Succumbing to a year-long battle with stomach cancer, Roy E. Disney passed away yesterday, December 16, 2009 at age 79. Roy was the nephew of Walt Disney, and the only son of Roy o. Disney, the two brothers that started the Disney Company in 1923. (Below is a short interview of Roy Disney.  Thanks to […]

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