Adventures By Disney Scaling Back

by All Things Mouse Staff on September 21, 2009
Adventures By Disney

The Walt Disney Company is scaling back its fledgling Adventures By Disney operation that started offering guided vacations in 2005.  Citing improved flexibility as the key reason for the change, the plans call for significantly reducing the number of scheduled itineraries as well as dropping 3 world-wide destinations from the line-up.

Touted by the company as “Guided Family Travel to Destinations Worldwide”, the 4 year old organization quickly grew and was offering 17 different countries as well as several domestic trips in their portfolio.  The most notable change was the removal of Spain, Austria and the Czech Republic from availability.

The company also is limiting the number of itineraries offered to the locations it is still servicing.  The 2009 records show 429 different vacations offered throughout the year, but next year only 272 are listed.

Potential customers still have several unique vacations to choose from including castles in Germany, a safari in South Africa and the canals of Venice.

As stated before, this is where the company is claiming flexibility as the cause.  Their position is that with fewer scheduled options, families will be driven more towards selecting the trips Disney feels are the most popular in regards to destination and time-frame.  Under the old system, if a specific itinerary did not receive enough clients, it would be canceled and those who had already booked would have to re-schedule.  By only offering the more desirable itineraries, the likelihood of this happening should be decreased.

Disney also is quick to point out that, if needed, they can always add more options to the schedule.  As packages reservations start to come in, more dates can be opened for availability to meet demand.

All of these changes should make the program much more profitable, something the Disney execs can hardly scoff at.  What remains to be seen is whether Adventures By Disney can continue to grow, or whether the limited schedule will put a choke-hold on it.

To view available packages or find out more about the service, go to the Adventures By Disney website.

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