20th Anniversary Walt Disney World Marathon Sold Out

by All Things Mouse Staff on September 7, 2012
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If you were considering running in the upcoming 20th Anniversary Walt Disney World Marathon, you are probably out of luck unless you already registered for the event. According to Disney, registration for the marathon run around portions of the Walt Disney World Resort has already sold out.

This means that the 25,000 spots of the marathon have been spoken for.  Disney even indicates that it may be the fastest sell-out of the marathon’s history.

A large reason for that sell-out can likely be attributed to the anniversary nature of the race. The upcoming event is hailed as the 20th anniversary marathon.

As such, Disney has made some special changes just for this race. Special entertainment is planned for the 20th mile of the race and the course has been modified from the one used in recent years. Among other layout modifications, runners will now be taken through the Walt Disney World Speedway and the Champion Stadium ballpark.

The special medal created for the 20th anniversary marathon may also be another contributing factor to the quick sell-out. In addition, many celebrity runners have also been announced.

If you are still interested in running the marathon, some groups have reserved multiple spots of the event. For more information on these spots and the marathon itself, see the official Disney Marathon website at rundisney.com.

A few spots are still open for the associated Disney Half Marathon and Goofy’s Race and a Half Challenge. Once again, visit the previously mentioned website for more details.

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Walt Disney World Official 2015 Birnbaum’s Guidebook

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