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August 2011


Most Disney guests would not even consider a trip to Disney’s Hollywood Studios of Walt Disney World without taking in the musical extravaganza known as Fantasmic! This entertainment attraction combines loved Disney characters with fireworks, lasers, fountains and projection video to bring the audience into the dream world of Mickey Mouse which this review and video will attempt to slightly illustrate.

The Hollywood Studios hosts Fantasmic! in the Hollywood Hills Amphitheater. Despite its massive size of 6,900 seats, the attraction routinely fills up making it almost imperative that you plan ahead and get in line well in advance of showtime. Continue reading “Disney’s Hollywood Studios Fantasmic! Review and Video” »


This review and video offers readers a quick look into the value level Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort found at Walt Disney World. This resort features theming centered around some of Disney’s (and Pixars) more famous movies which is ideal for those who like to be immersed in the world of Disney.

The All-Star Movies Resort was the last of the three value level all-star resorts to be built by Disney and opened in 1999. It followed the All-Star Sports Resort and the All-Star Music Resort, which both opened in 1994 and preceded the Pop Century Resort and the pending Art of Animation Resort which will round out the five value level offerings of Disney World. Continue reading “Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort Review and Video” »


This review and video offers information on the value level Disney’s All-Star Music Resort of Walt Disney World. The All-Star Music Resort offers an affordable option for those guests wishing to stay on-property which will also give them other benefits in addition.

Disney’s All-Star Music Resort first opened on November 22, 1994. It was the second value level resort to open on Disney property coming just seven months after the opening of Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort. It would be followed in later years by additional value resorts including Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort, Disney’s Pop Century and eventually Disney’s Art of Animation Resort. Continue reading “Disney’s All-Star Music Resort Review and Video” »


The very first on-property value resort to open at Walt Disney World of Florida was Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort. This colorfully themed hotel complex provides the basic amenities to guests mixed in with larger than life novelty items relating to sports.

Disney opened the All-Star Sports Resort on April 29, 1994 as the first value resort. It was followed later that year by the All-Star Music Resort and five years later by the All-Star Movies Resort as additional value level offerings. Then in 2003 Disney added the Pop Century Resort with the Art of Animation Resort scheduled to open in 2012. Continue reading “Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort Review and Video” »


The Operating Park Hours for Walt Disney World are now known for the month of March 2012.

These hours will be of interest to anyone planning a trip during March 2012 to Disney World, especially those who are going to take advantage of the Free Dining Special Offer during the month. Those individuals will want to know the hours so that they can plan their dining reservations at exactly the 180-day window which Disney uses for its reservation system.

Of note for many, March can be a busy time at the theme parks as many families use the Spring Break vacations of their children’s schools as a time to visit the parks. This does not mean it is not a great time to schedule a trip to Disney World, it just means that you do need to plan your time carefully. It also means that the Disney Parks are typically open for more hours in order to accommodate the additional crowds.

Continue reading “Walt Disney World March 2012 Operating Park Hours Announced” »


Disney’s Pop Century Resort is one of Walt Disney World’s Value Resorts located within the boundaries of the massive Florida theme park area. Pop Century has quickly grown to become the favorite of many Disney guests seeking the benefits of staying on-property while still making the most of their budget.

The resort opened for business on December 14, 2003 and features ten colorfully decorated four story buildings which house the 2,880 rooms that the complex offers. Pop Century is segmented into five different themed areas representing the “classic years” of the 1950s through the 1990s. Continue reading “Disney’s Pop Century Resort Review and Video” »


Walt Disney World and Disneyland Current Special Offers

August 11, 2011

Guests looking for a special deal at Walt Disney World or Disneyland currently have several to choose from. This is in addition to the Free Dining Special Offer announced a few days ago. For those that are unaware of the recent Free Dining Offer, it is available for many arrival nights ranging from October of […]

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Disneyland and California Adventure September 2011 Operating Park Hours

August 7, 2011

The Operating Park Hours for Disneyland and California Adventure are now available for September 2011. The availability of this complete schedule will be of interest to anyone visiting the California based theme park resort complex in the coming month. Some have been patiently awaiting these calendars as they plan their upcoming trips. However, as most […]

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Walt Disney World Free Dining Offered For Most Of 2011-2012 Winter

August 4, 2011

In a move that surprises many, Walt Disney World has announced that it will provide the Free Dining Special Offer for qualified packages on arrival dates stretching from October of 2011 through March of 2012. The announcement continues the Free Disney Dining originally announced in May for the August 28th through September 24th window. Official […]

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Typhoon Lagoon’s Castaway Creek Review and Video

August 1, 2011

Those wanting the full experience of the water park Typhoon Lagoon in Walt Disney World of Florida will not want to miss the Surf Pool or Castaway Creek. The latter of these two, Castaway Creek, is the 2,100 foot long lazy river that winds around the perimeter of the water park. Of course, those looking […]

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