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September 2010

Found in the World Showcase of Epcot in Walt Disney World is several pavilions dedicated to some of the countries from around the world.  Not surprisingly, the first one you come across as you wander right into the World Showcase is Canada.

The theming of  the pavilion is meant to place you in the heart of Canada.  It is designed to emulate not only some of the impressive architecture found in the country, but also the awesomeness of the great outdoors there.  You will see a canyon, a waterfall, totem poles, etc.

Many may only think of the Canadian pavilion for its signature restaurant, Le Cellier Steakhouse, or the shopping offered in the Northwest Mercantile and the Wood Cart, or perhaps some think of the Celtic rock band which often performs there called Off Kilter.  However, they would be wrong in assuming the attraction there known as O Canada! is not worth their time.

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Walt Disney World has released their Operating Park Hours for the four main theme parks and the two water parks for the April 2011. These hours are important for those planning a trip in the spring because of the Disney Dining Reservation System.

Disney starts accepting reservations for its sit-down dining locations at the 180-day out mark. This includes not only the restaurants within the four theme parks (Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom), but it also applies to most of the restaurants located at the Disney resorts and Downtown Disney.

Hours for the water parks are not noted on the calendar, however, they are pretty simple. Both Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach are open from 10AM-5PM from April 1st through April 16th. Beginning on the 17th through the end of the month, both extend their hours to operate from 10Am-6PM.

The calendar below also notes the EMH hours. EMH stands for Extended Magic Hours and is a special privilege offered to select Disney World guests. For example, any guests staying at one of the many on-property Disney resorts can take advantage of EMH. Simply stated, EMH occurs on select mornings and evenings at the Disney Parks. It offers an opportunity for those that qualify to either get into the park one hour earlier than it opens to the general public, or on select evenings, it allows qualified guests to stay in the parks up to three hours later after it closes to the general public.

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During a press event held in New York City  on September 23, 2010, the Disney Company announced its new campaign theme for park celebrations and marketing.

Called “Let the Memories Begin,” the campaign’s biggest effect will culminate in a new night show at both the Magic Kingdom of Walt Disney World as well as at Disneyland. It involves larger than life projections on either Cinderella Castle at the Florida based theme park, or on the It’s s Small World structure at Disneyland.

The new show is slated to be in addition to the fireworks and/or parades that already regularly occur at the parks.  In fact, the technology expands on the projections already used on the aforementioned structures during the fireworks. Continue reading “Disney Announces Let the Memories Begin Campaign” »


One of the longer attractions that a guest can experience at Walt Disney World is Universe of Energy, located in Future World of Epcot.

That is not to say that it is not well worth your time.  In fact, many enjoy not only the humor that is offered but also the educational opportunity within.  Besides that, if the day is getting long and hot for you and your family, the cool interior of Universe of Energy can be a welcomed respite.

Anyone wandering around the Future World of Epcot would be hard pressed to miss the pavilion that Universe of Energy is located in.  It is the mirrored pavilion to the northwest of Mission: Space.  That mirrored surface is not only aesthetic, but holds two acres of solar panels that actually generate a significant portion of the power required to operate the attraction. Continue reading “Epcot’s Universe of Energy Review and Video” »


Those young ones aged three and over now have another make-over option at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, found in two locations at Walt Disney World.  However, this new addition is geared more for the young boys, whereas Bibbidi’s previous packages have been designed with young girls in mind.

Starting September 19th, 2010, a new offering known as the “Knight Package” will be a choice at both Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique locations (found in Downtown Disney as well as the Magic Kingdom).  No price has been listed, but the other full make-overs offered by Disney start in the $50 range.

Previously, young boys had more limited offerings at the Boutique.  They could get a Cool Dudes Package which is offered for $7.50 and involves only colorful hair gel and confetti.  Disney does also offer the Pirates League which boys might have been more interested.  It offers a pirates make-over starting at $29.95. Continue reading “New Knight Package Available at Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique in Walt Disney World” »


Perhaps one of the most intense rides in all of Walt Disney World is Mission: Space, located in the Tomorrowland section of Epcot.

In fact, the ride is so intense that due to a number of factors, Disney now offers a “Green Team” more subtle version of the attraction to those that still want to experience it, but are prone to motion sickness, migraines, neck problems, etc.  (The original version with all of the original motion is known as the “Orange Team.”

Mission: Space takes guests on a simulated trip to the planet of Mars.  To do this in the most realistic fashion possible, Disney spent an estimated $100 million dollars to construct a multi-arm centrifuge.  With the spinning of the centrifuge and with the ability to tilt each separate capsule, Disney is able to emulate both the g-forces on might experience on take-off from Earth as well as the (near) weightlessness that those in space have experienced. Continue reading “Epcot’s Mission: Space Review and Video” »


Mickey’s 2010 Not-So-Scary Halloween Party Launches Tomorrow

September 13, 2010

An announced on All Things Mouse back in May, the premier night of Walt Disney World’s Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party is tomorrow, September 14, 2010. The special event has become extremely popular with many Disney guests, so much so in fact that Disney World has scheduled a total of twenty-four of the parties between now […]

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March 2011 Operating Park Hours for Walt Disney World Released

September 10, 2010

The Operating Park Hours for Walt Disney World in March 2011 are now available for those that might be planning a trip to the Florida based theme park in the third month of next year. While it may seem like releasing hours for six months away is not a big deal, remember, those planning dining […]

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Disneyland and California Adventure October 2010 Park Operating Hours Now Available

September 7, 2010

Disneyland and California Adventure have released their park operating hours for October 2010. Those keeping an eye on the hours will notice that the theme parks are in their typical fall mode with more limited open times than seen in the summer. Of course, that does not mean it is not a great time to […]

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Epcot’s Test Track Review and Video

September 3, 2010

One of the best loved, most popular and fastest rides in all of Walt Disney World is Test Track, found in Future World of Epcot. This unique experience puts guests in the “driver’s seat” of a test vehicle. Originally opened on December 19, 1998, the attraction sponsored by General Motors replaced the previous World of […]

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