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July 2010

Perhaps one of the most over-looked experiences in all of Walt Disney World is located in the Land Pavilion in Epcot.  Known as “The Circle of Life”, this twenty-minute film uses an entertaining perspective to show the damage we can do to the environment.

In the film, we are treated to the main characters from Disney’s animated classic – The Lion King.  Timon and Pumbaa are in the process of creating Hakuna Matata Lakeside Village when Simba steps in to explain the destructive nature of their ways.

To accomplish this, Simba refers to “a creature who sometimes forgets how everything is connected in the Great Circle of Life.” Humans! Immediately, Timon and Pumbaa express their disgust for humans and how they could never be like them. Continue reading “Epcot’s The Circle of Life Review and Video” »


Disney’s Animal Kingdom is on the threshold of offering a new experience to willing guests of the park who would like to participate in a more immersive look at Harambe Reserve.

This is the same reserve as guests get to ride through on the wildly popular Kilimanjaro Safaris.  However, the new experience is touted to be much more personal with small groups being led through the reserve by a guide.  Guests will get more time to observe the animals and ask more questions of their guide than is allowed on the Safari tour.

Details are sketchy, as of yet, for the new experience.  Preliminary plans call for a short trek through an undeveloped portion of the forest before guests board a newly designed vehicle for their trip through the rest of the reserve. No official start date is available but Disney indicates reservations for the experience will begin this fall.

For a bit of related background, look at the video of the Kilimanjaro Safari shown below.  It will give you an idea of some of the animals that you might encounter and the environment they are presented in. Continue reading “Disney’s Animal Kingdom To Add Immersive Experience” »


Walt Disney World has opened their reservation systems for the special events at the upcoming 15th annual Epcot International Food & Wine Festival.

Held each year during the fall, the Food and Wine Festival has continually grown to become a favorite time of the year for many Disney fans.  During the festival, special stands are set-up around World Showcase where special foods and drinks are offered from select international locations.

In addition to the stands (which charge for the food and drink but are available for anyone with a park ticket to experience), Epcot also hosts many special events linked to the festival.  These special events require a special purchase but can be well worth the money for those who attend. Continue reading “Epcots Food and Wine Festival Special Events Reservations Open” »


Walt Disney World has announced that the much anticipated new restaurant in the Italy pavilion of Epcot known as Via Napoli will begin accepting reservations on August 6, 2010 –  for meals beginning on September 10th.

The restaurant will actually be open starting on August 5, 2010 when Disney holds the “Grand Opening,” but this first month of operation will be considered a soft opening.  The official start of operations will not occur until September.  This creates a window of about a month in which the restaurant will be serving, but in which no reservations will be available for.

It comes at an ideal time for those who took advantage of the free dining offer from Disney but perhaps still have a few meal slots available.  Some were concerned if the new restaurant would accept the Disney Dining Plan, but Disney indicates it will. Continue reading “New Epcot Restaurant Via Napoli in Italy Pavilion To Begin Accepting Reservations” »


The new lights, water, video and music extravaganza known as World of Color at Disney’s California Adventure has proven extremely popular with the west coast theme park guests.

So much so, in fact, that Disney announced today that they are adding another show to the nightly line-up of World of Color offerings.  This brings the total to three giving guests several opportunities a night to take in the new attraction.

World of Color premiered just last month and has proven to really be a new favorite among the guests of California Adventure. Many report that the theme park appears to have been given a second life with this new show along with several other changes completed or in the works.  Continue reading “Disney’s California Adventure Adds Third World of Color Showtime” »


Walt Disney World Extends Free Dining Offer

by All Things Mouse Staff on July 13, 2010
Walt Disney World

Despite indications to the contrary, Walt Disney World has extended one of its most popular discount offerings – Free Dining.

Originally scheduled to end in early fall, the Florida based theme park resort has extended the promotion into December (with many black-out dates).  This is despite Disney management assuring stockholders earlier this year that theme park discounts would be a much rarer occurrence than it has been in the last few years.

Fighting a sluggish economy, Disney World has combated faltering ticket sales with discounts to keep their resorts and parks teeming with guests.  Viewed as successful to most based on the theme park gate numbers, the discounts have taken their toll on the company’s bottom line.  Thus, the reason for the announcement of less discounts to be had in the future. Continue reading “Walt Disney World Extends Free Dining Offer” »


Disneyland and California Adventure Post August 2010 Park Operating Hours

July 8, 2010

Disneyland and California Adventure have released their park operating hours for August 2010. These hours are available a bit earlier than typical for the West Coast parks, but potential summer vacationers are likely to be happy to see them. The new World of Color at California Adventure appears to still be favorably affecting that parks […]

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Ilene Woods, Voice of Disney’s Cinderella Passed Away

July 5, 2010

Ilene Woods, the almost ethereal voice of Walt Disney’s Cinderella passed away last Thursday, July 1, 2010.  She was 81 years old. Already the star of a musical radio show, Ilene recorded a few songs for songwriters Mack David and Jerry Livingston, friends of hers.  Unbeknown to her, the songs were for the upcoming Walt […]

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New Best Friends Pet Care Resort To Open In Walt Disney World

July 2, 2010

Walt Disney World guests visiting the area with their pets will now have a new option for boarding their four-legged pals called Best Friends Pet Care Resort. Beginning Aug. 27, 2010, the new pet resort will begin accepting reservations for dogs and cats as well as “pocket pets,” such as hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits and […]

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